Alec Pawlukiewicz has made history with his recent initiation to the fraternity.  He is the first class of one to be crossed into the fraternity.  Alec’s initial class started off as two, but was shortly cut in half one week into the process. The organization was faced with a dilemma right away.  The chapter had never crossed a single line member before, yet we did not want to lose such a great potential active. We voted and decided that we would all put in more time and help him through the process. As of Sunday, Alec crossed into the Brotherhood.  We are extremely proud of him and the decision to allow him to proceed will be known as one of the best decisions.  We realized that the semester brought us all closer together as we all invested ourselves in the New-Member process.  Once again, we acknowledge to crossing of our newest Brother : Alec Pawlukiewicz.