Whether your son is thinking of becoming a member or is already a brother, Beta Chi Theta already has and will continue to have a positive influence on your son. As a member and even as potential new member, or “Rush”, your son has already performed service to the local community. We uphold the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) mandate that three hours of service must be completed to be eligible to join our elite organization. Beta Chi Theta is committed to producing well rounded gentlemen. We strive to continue to build upon the good foundation and values you as parents have instilled in your son. We as brothers of Beta Chi Theta help each other academically and socially with our brotherhood and nationwide network. Beta Chi Theta gives your son the opportunity for leadership in an executive board position at Theta Chapter or in one our national programs like the National Board Internship Program where he will shadow one of the foremost leaders in the fraternity.

What are some of the actual things that we do you might ask? Well, the first activity we would like you to be aware of is our Parents’ Appreciation Luncheon where we will explain in greater detail our achievements and events as well as introduce you to what Greek life is really about over a complimentary lunch.  However, this is just one of the many events we do. We also work with organizations such as Feed the Children and help out the Vanderbilt Cancer Center, as Service to Humanity is one of the pillars of our fraternity. Our biggest philanthropy event is an annual three on three basketball tournament we host along with other prestigious Greek organizations we started last year with all proceeds going to Vanderbilt’s Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital. We also have various brotherhood events including a brotherhood retreat to the beautiful Great Smokey Mountains which truly creates a family atmosphere because our most important pillar is Brotherhood. We partake in regional and national conferences to solidify our closely knit nationwide network and national brotherhood as well as attend training workshops dealing with leadership, finances, and teaching soft skills to become what we term “The Beta Chi Man,” a man with character, class, conviction, and charisma. We also have regular alumni weekends and dinners with our Alumni to maintain the bond of brotherhood even after our brothers have graduated. We have a strong Alumni base that stay actively involved in the chapter providing your son with mentors and connections in medical school and the job market. Our alumni program has been recognized as the Outstanding Alumni Relations Program two years running at the annual IFC Greek awards banquet. We have also been recognized multiple times with awards in the areas of Outstanding Campus Involvement and Outstanding Risk Management Policy. Our accolades are no small feat because we are actually being recognized above other fraternities on campus with 40-50 more members who are 100 years older. These awards are a testament to the well connected, well rounded, and responsible group of gentlemen in which your son is an integral part. Our local alumni and those alumni and brothers who teach courses at Kaplan, a nearby test prep and education program, participate in an academic tutoring program for our New Members during our chapter’s required study hours. After all, another one of our pillars is Academic Excellence and we assure you Beta Chi Theta will have a positive influence on your child’s academic success.

The founding principle of our fraternity is brotherhood and we truly feel we have a home away from home. We trust, respect, and support each other as if we spent our whole lives together and you can sleep in peace knowing that whether your son is in need of someone to lean on, take care of him when he feels under the weather, or simply listen to him speak his mind there is always a brother willing to help. Through Beta Chi your son will learn how to effectively manage money, how to work with and lead others, how to manage his time, and how to effectively communicate in a business transaction. The fraternity will not only teach him all of this but also allow him to grow as an individual, acquire countless soft skills, and become part of a network of over 600 gentlemen that will not only treat him as family but can network him professionally as well. Beta Chi Theta will continue to mold the gentleman you raised and further prepare him for life after college. If you would like to know more please visit our national website www.betachitheta.com or contact us personally.