Interested in becoming a member of Beta Chi Theta? You are in the right place. Beta Chi Theta has a lot to offer you not only during your college career but also well after you graduate. The gentlemen of Beta Chi are brothers for life. Brotherhood is something we truly believe in and maintain. Our motto is “Above All Else, Brotherhood.” The brothers will undoubtedly become as close to you as family, but Beta Chi Theta although founded on brotherhood has much more to offer.

No matter your interest level we encourage you to rush, to see if Beta Chi Theta and Greek life is right for you. We understand it is not for everybody but it is a great experience for those that decide to join. The recruitment process is completely non-committal and all our events are of no cost to you. If you would like to find out about our rush events and more about our organization please contact the Recruitment Chair, Musaab Hindi, or the President , Colin Colt. We also encourage to visit our national rush website to learn more about our recruitment process. Contact any of our brothers anytime and we are more than happy to help you or clear up any questions you may have. You have nothing to lose by rushing and potentially so much to gain, so come on out and experience our brotherhood first hand.

Beta Chi can be a great way to learn the skills needed to succeed in life, to network with successful professionals, and to build your resume. Our organization has the advantage of being small and tight knit, not only for our brotherhood, but also you can have immediate opportunities for entry into a leadership position. Nationally, we have programs to allow you to learn from premier leaders and interact with our National Board as part of the National Board Internship Program and North-American Interfraternity Conference Congressional Hill Visits. As a young organization you will have the power to influence the direction of the fraternity and leave behind a legacy of a great organization and even create new traditions. Are you ready to create your legacy?

Service to humanity and academic excellence are also two other founding principles of our fraternity. We are looking for well rounded gentlemen who excel academically and enjoy giving back to the community. Our members are required to maintain a standard minimum GPA and perform ten hours of service. Don’t worry if you are struggling scholastically we are also here to help and have tutoring programs and study hours in place. Despite what you may have heard about fraternities Beta Chi Theta will help you academically. The service hours are easy to complete and are actually enjoyable because it serves as a bonding time for our brothers. To be eligible to accept a bid with the IFC you must complete three hours of service and we welcome you to join us during our service events.

To become eligible for a bid you must register with the IFC. You are only signing up so that the IFC can know your intent and you are not committing to our or any other organization at this point.